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We are excited to announce that Utah Mountain School, a tuition-free, public Jr High, will be located at 3885 Hwy 89, in Pleasant View, opening August 2021. The location has been approved, and we have been working with a great group of contributors to bring Utah Mountain School to life beyond the pages of the charter that was written. 

If you haven't already, please complete this form so we can add your information to our contact list. More information will be shared as it becomes available. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Sheri Hardy, our Director, or call  385-205-9118.

Thank you for your continued interest in Utah Mountain School. We hope to see you soon.

Our Curriculum

Outdoor Education
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Students have frequent opportunities to experience learning outside the walls of traditional classrooms.

Project-based Learning
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Project-based learning connects students to their learning in ways that traditional instruction often doesn't.

Cultural Competence
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Learning about social diversity helps students see the world in a whole new way.

Acute Aerobic Activity
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Physical activity improves the ability to pay attention and increases academic performance.

guiding through


Administrators, faculty, and staff all play very important roles in students' lives. At UMS, we see ourselves as role models who bring out the best in students and encourage them to strive for greatness. We share our knowledge and help them to become better people.

As important as it is, just being where students are is not enough.  Instead, we create expectations that we will have a place in each student's life (and those of their families) as they transition from class to class, grade to grade, and on to high school. 

It truly takes a village to educate students.  Teachers to administrators.  Board members to staff.  There will be a lot of adults committed to making each student's experience at Utah Mountain School productive and safe--as unique as each student who walks through the doors of UMS.

want to find out more?

We will be opening our doors August 2021. More information will be available soon, so please check back often, or submit your contact information below to be added to our mailing list:

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